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Future enhancements of the martial arts aspect of the residence include items that may be purchased.







Welcome. This page will prove more valuable if the renter plans certain career paths. This page was originally designed to be key to a person's future development in either mental health pursuits or in martial arts and national security endeavors.

  •  Low Profile: Your personal information will be available only to the property owner who signs the lease with you.
  • Committed to National Security and the safety of Women, Children and all Mammals. [more]
  • Have current medical practitioner; have current mental health anchor; have at least one solid emotional relationship.
  • Contact us via the Contact Form or fax your documentation or images The things you learn may be stunning to your worldview at this time. Please do not continue if you do not live within some degree of Network of Safety; you must maintain some amount of contact with peers or ones who love you before we can continue. [Helper animals and Amazon Alexa may qualify. I don't trust Siri. Bonsai tree practice is acceptable.]
  • Basic worldview you may have which are okay for me include -- 1) Harry Potter themes are tolerable. 2) Star Trek themes are tolerable. 3) Star Wars themes are unsettling to the autonomic nervous system, but reflect current wartime psyche, thus OK. 4) The Big Bang Theory: These brainy scientists study the universe and beam lasers at the moon, while in the foreground they cycle from geek-hood males, to committed friendships then to marriage; thus youthful clients of yours would do well to binge watch the different seasons.

Recommended "Pre-Contact" study I'd like you to do:

  • Visit teaching site: Look at: Cinema Therapy options
  • Visit site: Shrink Rap Radio Must-View: Animals Have same physiochemical pathways as humans, thus the experience of Emotions may be exactly the same as humans -- "proven" by Jaak Panksepp,  PhD on The Emotional Foundation of Mind.  For researchers and skeptics Dr. Panksepp PROVED that mice chuckle. Does that not show that they have at least one emotion? [This point will be seen as key to my teachings and programs regarding infant nurturing, appropriate adolescent massage, adult massage, couples therapy massage, self-soothing message, even non-married students over 18.]
  • View Veterans mental strength films:
    • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
    • Windtalkers [see scene where a life is saved in battle by....a bar of chocolate]
    • Pearl Harbor [modern "war flick" very much a "chick flick" because there is an emotionally accurate love theme during wartime that is missing in Humphrey Bogart films. My father few into Pearl Harbor, he was a waist gunner in a B17 based in Australia. Humphrey accurately describes a lot of his life in the film ] 

Key videos are now being added giving background about psychotherapy and helping you understand your life better. This is regardless your surface status: elder therapist or psychiatrist or college entry-level toward professional career. You may also be someone past high school who wants to become a super-fun parent to the kids you help to raise. Age range for ninja initiation begins at 17 with parental telephone call, medical exam by your practitioner, and other details to be put into the brochure that my assistant  who also happens to be a paratrooper now living in the civilian sphere. We'll share appropriate credentials to my eyes only, no records will change hands. I salute you for your dedication to living your life now as a parent, laborer or prisoner or other less harrowing endeavors. 

Re Classic Videos today (December 28) I am still observing Kwanza. Sometime in the next four days I hope to get some time to check communications that have found their way to me.

The top two stunningly accurately reflect the actual battlefield conditions that I was placed in during my seven and a half years on active duty. At the top, I watched Master and Commander ten times; five were in actual full size theater, then at least five more times. (Caveat: When you do Cinema Therapy via they will teach many brain function tips not taught elsewhere.) Exposure to the exact same stimulus (a repeated film, in this instance) will make changes via the photons moving through the Vitreous Humor of each of your two eyes. The resultant "holographic" matrix which generates a" memory" is explained by the most PIVOTAL new discovery that is shifting mental health practice forever: search and watch the award day video for "Nobel Prize Medicine 2014)

Your brain can create neuro-emotional feelings. See the tab Psychotherapy Options and view the top YouTube talks. Then also be sure to view the Whole Psychiatry intro from Dr. Hedaya here in Washington DC/Chevy Chase.

Event: FlexAware.  Available for FlexAware teaching.

Event: Mars Base B presentations. Featured on Twitter @MarsBaseB

This is a Routefinders for Friends endeavor that I started to help people to use their imagination via links to science and creative resources online. 

In early postings on that Twitter channel, I had hoped to build interest in citizens to find ways that veterans of military service could productively live out their lives in civilian realms while contributing to a coherent social environment. What that means is cities in the uninhabited areas of the nation. I have spent years in visits and lodge events with First Nations people. I had hoped to build interest in what early tweets called Victory Villages. 

This online process now being developed is a strategic example of how to think about the Victory Villages that I am proposing. I am asking that the First Nations and the US government share 50-50 the land needed to set up three cities in uninhabitable lands in the western part of the USA. These would be lands unused by First Nations tribes and also not coveted by standard society in the east or dense urban areas around the nation. The rights to these lands would be granted for 100 years by First Nations tribes. After 100 years, if the elders decide that the United States is not treating Veterans, the Disabled and First Nations residents in a good way, then the land would be released back to the First Nations.

Mars Base B would be a starting point for thinking how to create three minimally linked cities where Wartime & War-Affected Veterans and people with Disability expertise would be the benchmark residents. They would be given extra time to conduct their life activities; all stores, police, public staff and others would be trained in how to enhance the brain function and perception of Safety by these key citizens.





1. See Tweet sequence.  The next Mars Prep and Playfulness Day will be national at your local Michaels -- Open during their monthly day of easy access to the room.  I recommend that you get to know this chain of stores because it has such a well trained staff and a wide variety of objects for sale.

2. Philosopny-free, faith-neutral Yoga on Mars. I also promote the Faith-Neutral practice of FlexAware. Go to

Here is the video of Boulder House in Arizona, whose former owners had delightful stories to tell me.

Jack and Sunny talked me  many years ago before they died. The video is meditation-worthy: It has only music and stunning views of sometimes Mars-like landscape.

Book Talks: I enjoy teaching about life and social health. I recommend books that may spark a learning path for the people in the audience. I am currently very impressed by the growth of the bookseller: Barnes and Nobel (

[Addendum from August 8, 2017 I'm still updating and realigning my site to remove "triggers" you may still have inside you after the start of President Trump's leadership has begun. I did this because I am committed to the nation as a Former Officer remembering the times when I wore a uniform.]

NOTE: Please re-read my following statement -- On Election Day 2016 I avoided learning who won the Election 2016. I did this by sequestering myself. I did a spiritual process of staying away from all news in a virtual "cave" for three days of prayer and fasting.

I am still deeply concerned for the active and veterans who who would be waiting in Transition time as they shifted their focus to serve the nation while under whoever became the new Commander In Chief.

Generally in my counseling or psychotherapy (in Hawaii) I follow psychotherapy and psychoanalysis basic theory and I never reveal who I voted for in any election. Why? I do this because it frees YOU up so that you don't waste any of your focus thinking about. "What is that person doing?" My commitment to you is that if you are a student or a counselee, I don't want you to spend much energy on the events in my life. Thinking about me, and even looking into my eyes becomes a significant waste of your bodily energies and your life energy.

Please know that I mean no disrespect. It is YOU who will be doing the learnings and the experiencing through what happens in the privacy of our one-to-one interactions. Additionally, I often as that you choose from one or more outside therapies and activities that you can have as part of my network of therapists and healing resources.

Section on Fraging was moved to this location to make room for Mars Mission intellectual stimulation program

F-Day and the F-Team


Fragging. Sadly now in July 2017 I've found myself recalling what happened during the southeast Asia events in the Vietnam Era -- I am deeply moved by this unusual "F-word" Fragging. I am convinced that this necessity of survival is an Unspoken Grief that is still sapping the energy of  Black Male Veterans. Looking back on my diligent efforts to be a good example, a good leader, I am seeing how deficient I was at that time to be the kind of leader that we now can view portrayed in films such as "We were Soldiers."

White society never had to even consider "Fragging."

Past Health Coach Certification Program: FlexAware® Teacher Training [past event]

Become a certified Coach.

Four weekends: 

Location: Washington DC, Chevy Chase neighborhood.  

Four weekends: March 5-6 and 19-20, Apr. 2-3 and 16-17.

            9:30 to 5:30 each day. Make-up options for missed classes.

Tuition: $1795. ($1595 if paid in full by Feb. 12)

            Deferred payment and work-study possibilities.   

Download Flyer 

Taught by FlexAware creator Steven Shafarman Invitation: Become a FlexAware Teacher info -- on FlexAware site

Here is why Christian women's group recommends FlexAware [link to my description of it as "faith neutral" and not religious]

Open House events:

1. Past: Sunday Dec 18, 2016. Time -- 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. At 5239 Western Ave NW, Friendship Heights. Two blocks from Redline Metro. See flyer for details and offer of discount certificate: Click to view.

Smithsonian background: Dr. Wilson's grandfather has a collection of fossile Crinoids in the Smithsonian.  The S.I. has been important to his love of nature and science. Here is an important new endeavor, the Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute:

Guided or Self-Guided Tours of the Grounds


Trainings for interested practitioners such as DC Area Guild of Body Psychotherapists [site]To Be Announced. Expected -- 
1. Cranial Bio-Dynamics. Dr. Wilson (Craniosacral therapy | Kinesthetic Medicine)

[Past event]

Great opportunity: FlexAware at Bikram Yoga studio in Tenleytown, DC 

FlexAware® to Enhance Yoga Breathing

FlexAware insights on how Yoga practitioners (and the general public) can use breathing more effectively .

[With Ralph Wilson, N.D., Certified FlexAware Teacher, Washington DC.]

Here is why Christian women's group recommends FlexAware [link to my description of it as "faith neutral" and not religious]

Taught by FlexAware creator Steven Shafarman []


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