Supreme Court and RICO Convictions.

[v. October 7, 2021] President Biden is still in office.






Citizens are now using Forensic Psychology to dig up the turning points for the activation of the original plot by Barack Hussein Obama to flood the nation with Muslim warfare brained males.

Welcome, Visitors from Shrink Rap Radio. I've been in a growth and solidification process ever since I discovered Dr.David Van Nuys and his two archives of interviews.

I plan to add to this prior to the Celebration in September.

Here is text I sent to Dr. Van Nuys prior to his Celebration of 15 years of podcasts. I plan to insert active links to the podcasts. You can access them right away by pasting the Episode Number into the search bar at

David it was great these past months thinking about how I could contribute to your National Sharing about the importance of Shrink Rap Radio during the confusing times of Election 2020.

I was trained in espionage as part of my Cold War military academy experience. It nearly got me killed on a mission under President Nixon in Ethiopia the month it became Communist Eritrea. However, I now have coaxed inner thoughts from Muslim Saudis I have spoken with and am convinced they had a plot to have a takeover of the USA around the Fourth of July 2020. Covid 19 has shut them down. However, Joe Biden is promising to bring Sharia Law killings onto American Soil. That would destroy the USA. I’ve written Billy Graham Ministry and pleaded for them to say that Mr. Graham would be okay with admitting that everyone on earth will not become Christian or join a Baptist church. My compromise would be for altering the phrase: “In God We Trust”; I hope it will be modified so that scientists like Oppenheimer, Einstein, Hawking, Carl Sagan and Neil de Grasse Tyson would be okay with an expanded version:

In THE GOD We Trust. That phrase was good enough for a medical doctor I met in 1983, he was Hindu from India; he talked about “The God.” For some Science is a kind of God that is bigger than human but can’t be easily tampered with.

The “People of the Book” (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) are tight, unbending, inflexible and dangerous because of their Patriarchal Certitude that women should be ruled by men. Let’s keep doing what we can to change that.

Keep up the great work. I mentioned several of your Podcasts in the attached 2MB sound file.

No 715 with Teacher Jane Elliott who is self-assured and says “One Human Race…Get Over it”. Thanks to Panksepp I add: We are part of a Mammalian Family which hugs and suckles, so…”Get into it” and “Get With it”…no hugs makes for a sad life.

No. 329 with Jaak Panksepp on The Emotional Foundation of Mind (mammals have the same emotional circuits as humans)

No. 265 Stephen Porges, who you could interview with his new focus on Prosidy the difference in female and male speech quality

No. 436 Bessel van der Kolk author of The Body Keeps the Score, trauma insights

No. 330 Bruce Ecker, Unlocking the Emotional Brain (announced 2000). Coherence Therapy outshines the earlier dangerous CBT. CBT should be called Cognitive Bullying Therapy because CBT allows the practitioner to believe that their Cognition is always better than the client. That destroys trust with the therapist.

No. 255 and 534, Dan Siegel on Your Mind is Bigger than Your Brain, and his book Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage brain, an inside out guide to the developing adolescent mind, ages 12-24 (when myelination is complete and the brain is shielded from impulsivity and risk-taking.

I end with honoring the book: Jung and Reich: The Body as Shadow. Reich is a hero, contemporary with Jung. The book details Reich’s astonishing work with the physical and energy intersection of people with the universal energies around us. He postulated Orgone, and when patients had orgasmic potency their neuroses stopped. His “Orgone Accumulators” produced a lovely Blue Light. The same blue color you mentioned in one or more podcasts.

Your legacy of freely available psychology interviews is amazing. Have a great celebration!

We who are in Coronavirus distancing situations will thrive on this celebration of “The Collective” prior to Election 2020. (Ref. Star Trek episodes about the Borg Collective that travels in a cube that looks like the Muslim shrine in Mecca.) Ours is a friendly Collective that respects women.

Ralph Wilson, ND, Board Certified Acupuncture Educator and Hashtag #Neuroscience2000_2014

[Not updated since Trump Victory 2016]
Whether you are a military veteran or a veteran surviver of life in the midst of traumatic civilian situations, I have found resources I'm offering to share with you.

Spikes? You may feel as if you have been driving down the road of life with spikes poking holes in your tires. Maybe just a single spike sticking in from the side that you carry with you causing gradual air leak which is enough to make driving erratic and slow, if not impossible at all.

Trauma is a key focus of mine. Trauma can be any of a number of types. Neglect, assault, auto accidents, and much more can cause a person to have a dramatically changed life. I want to let visitors to my site know that there are things that can be done whether it is "psychological" or physical trauma that has impacted their life. [New: At the bottom of this page is the new TBI News feed that I'm testing as a plug-in, from BrainLine.Org. See also, with a 3-D Model of the Brain.]


We all are aware that: Our Nation Is Still At War

Superb film excerpt showing men and boys motivated to do the wartime another century. [I watched it in theater 5 times and several more on DVD in my home office.] Today's uniformed service is much different, but Friends, Family and Community can still be central in the minds and hearts of those who join.
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.  With Russell Crowe and Ralph Bellamy.
Treating veterans is an important challenge after they are welcomed home.

This video about War and sacrifice is recently compiled at the Washington National Cathedral -- an unexpectedly clear look at what Sacrifice means to those who have sacrificed in many ways:

1. See New Brain Science
2. Daniel Amen, M.D. -- the brain imaging doctor. See more on my Amen Education Center section.
3. New: Brain Health Education & Research Institute. June 2012 conference -- Advances in the Prevention and Management of Sports-Related Concussions.

4. Neuroscience and Psychology/Psychotherapy gives me great hope. Here is the link to Shrink Rap Radio and an aspect of emotional regulation and the Vagus Nerve:

This links to an interview by psychologist David Van Nuys, Ph.D. with Stephen Porges, Ph.D.
[Click here to go to page to hear/download MP3 interview]


FYI: Many things can push the brain into less than optimal function. There are many "shocks and traumas" of life besides traumatic impacts to the skull that can affect brain function. In fact, I think that everyone would benefit from doing all that they can to improve their brain health no matter what was their past history of physical or mental trauma.

Videos below: Brain trauma and violence | Washington DC area Amen Clinic intro | the Amen Solution @ Home support network.

They have studied about 100,000 brains

Dr. Amen offers Brain Mapping using Quantitative EEG. I am in touch with a number of local resources for this. I'm proud to have seen patients in the office of Dr. Tom Budzynski and Dr. Helen Kogan Budzynski: Neuropioneers. Before he died, he and I had begun a research project comparing Neurofeedback assessments before and after sessions, with the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging technology that I am promoting to mental health practitioners. (



Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and "Generation Mars" 

[His site | My Blog on Autonomic Science]

A few selected resources for helping veterans and civilians

This page includes some resources that I think will be useful to people with concerns about trauma. This includes family and patients as well as healthcare practitioners. Some of this is from the developing knowledge about helping veterans who have experienced trauma; however, this information can be applied to both veterans and civilians.

1. Amen Clinics E-Center Washington DC introduces Dr. Amen's brain health services [more]

2. Dr. Porges' PolyVagal breakthrough re Trauma  [more]

3. Functional Laboratory testing for health of body and brain. [more]

4. AcuGraph digital meridian imaging; Functional Assessment of autonomic nervous system--"Health Energies Assessment." [more]

5. Brain Mapping, Quantum EEG: Promoted by Synaptic Connections [scroll to below]

6. Dr. Xenakis' support of brain health assessment for veterans, and his compassion for helping people who have suffered traumatic brain effects to effectively move forward into a full and rich life. Also The Coming Home Project.  [scroll to below] 

7. Post-Combat Mental Health certification and Alliant International University; Certificate enrollment information [free to those who want to help injured veterans]. 
[scroll to below] 

8. Trauma pattern releasing: Using either Integrative Homeopathy [on other site], or NES Infoceuticals and insight counseling.

9. Body Psychotherapy: Several approaches including: Craniosacral Therapy.

10. FlexAware movement and breathing education to retrain the nervous system [more]

11. Developmental Movement Therapy [on information site]

12. Acupuncture meridian stimulation for mental relaxation and autonomic enhancement; Tapping therapies. [more]

13. Information as Medicine: the NES biophysics scan & Infoceuticals.

14. Hypnotherapy/Soma-Focus: self-regulation, empowerment, and autonomic nervous system support [more]

15. Dr. Rind's Relox: Treatment for brain trauma and whole-body trauma. [jump to info below]

. Dr. Gant's work with BioFunctional Psychology. 
[scroll to below]

17. Family Constellations: This work can help anyone to feel more welcome to life in the human family. I include it here because it has been so helpful for victims of war in many nations. [blog essay | more on information site]

18. Dr. McKenzie's book on trauma, Schizophrenia and related conditions caused by PTSD events in infancy. [on information site]

19. Developmental Movement Therapy: Neural repatterning. [more]

20. Detoxification as key to recovering full health.  [scroll to below] 

21. Peter Levine's work with "Somatic Experiencing" and Trauma explained with PolyVagal Theory. [link to his site]

22. Warm Water Therapy for healing: Both physical and mental. [on information site]

23. Combining many approaches, I created a page on "Kinesthetic Medicine" [go to page]

24. Biological Dentistry and Sleep Apnea/Dysoxygenosis [go to page]

As a natural medicine and "energy medicine" educator, Dr. Wilson can add several treatment options to consider as part of your health support program.

Moving your body is very important to turn on the healing process [Kinesthetic Medicine |FlexAware | Craniosacral Therapy]. Homeopathy as part of an overall program may dramatically free up your healing energies [more].

A new understanding of the natural world holds promise for

freeing your innate self-healing abilities.

Life can be better than what you have known so far.

Quantitative EEG brain imaging is part of The Coming Home Project [see below]

Stephen Xenakis, M.D.: Brain Injury and Quantuum EEG

Dr. Xenakis is also a retired general in the Army (he likened it to being a CEO, helping to get things done) and is promoting the rapid assessment and help for soldiers and veterans who have experienced brain effects from blast concussion and direct trauma. He also speaks (near the end of his presentation) about the positive things that we can do to help people understand their life after injury and how they can move ahead into full and rich lives.

I think that qEEG will be helpful for examining all types of brain function, in both civilians and military. This would help us to advise people on how to most rebuild their lives after traumas, whether physical or psychological.

The Coming Home Project [click on this link]: site where families and supporters connect to help traumatized veterans.


Warrior Resilience Conference III; February 2011 (near the Pentagon)

Defense Centers of Excellence Links | Videos: DVBIC, NIH and more  | Wounded Warrior Regiment (Marines)

Documentary: Restrepo 








From Documentary: Restrepo [site]


Two Heroes from the platoon followed in the documentary, Restrepo.


Preparations for Warrior Resilience Conference IV March 2012 [Info site]
My theme for my contributions:
Please Consider FlexAware -- [my FlexAware overview]

Below: business card modified for Warrior Resilience support. This emphasizes that FlexAware is supportive of any religion or none. It is not like Yoga. It is consistent with New Brain Science and honors your healthy core brain and mind. [New Brain Science]


Words of respect from the developer of FlexAware:

"...People of any religious or spiritual tradition can enjoy FlexAware with no distractions and no worries. There’s nothing in it that presumes, suggests, requires, or relies on faith.

If you have some faith tradition or practice, you may find special value in FlexAware. Many traditions and practices use breathing as a theme or focus. A synonym for “inhaling” is “inspiring.” The root of “inspiring” is “spirit,” which is Latin for “breath” or “to breathe.” All of the FlexAware movements start with breathing and awareness of how we breathe.

You might even do small subtle FlexAware movements as you pray or meditate or worship. The movements can be nearly indistinguishable from stillness. Even such small subtle movements facilitate blood flow and nerve activity, thereby preventing or relieving stiffness and pain — and perhaps adding power to your prayers and practices." -- Steven Shafarman

Post-Combat Behavioral Health: Certificate program from Alliant International University.
You can contact Alliant International University about this training for yourself.


FlexAware®: I am deeply impressed with the insights behind the FlexAware approach to neurological reintegration and fitness enhancement. This is a technique that can be practiced during other activities, as well as being a major rehabilitation-support activity on its own. Please visit my descriptive page for more in-depth information including research into Biotensegrity: FlexAware. I am recommending it for general fitness, but when used in a focused manner it can be very beneficial for TBI trauma.


Warm Water Therapy: My recommendations for treating trauma; made to leadership at the Warrior Resilience Conference 2011 [page on information site].
[View document, PDF]



Military Acupuncture: There are articles about "Battlefield Acupuncture"
My descriptions --  Acumeridian Science | AcuGraph digital meridian imaging

Pictures: Stephen M. Burns, a specialist in acupuncture, inserts a needle into the ear of Lt. Col. Catherine A. Reardon to treat her headaches and hand pain.(Baltimore Sun photo by Glenn Fawcett / December 9, 2008) [Article online

Lt. Col. Dean Hommer, a doctor at Womack Army Medical Center, performs scalp acupuncture on Spc. Daniel Ebensteiner, Warrior Transition Battalion, June 12 to treat the hypersensitivity of a scar on Ebensteiner's left ankle from an airborne injury suffered in 2008. [Article online


Please check out my blog page about the new way to understand the "internal protector", the Autonomic Nervous System: "Autonomic Science: Relax, You're Not Sitting Atop A Rocket." Below is a video about the work of Stephen Porges, Ph.D., who's talked with me several times, and whose Polyvagal Theory makes sense of the new things that are being realized about the importance of supportive relationships to enhance the healing process.  My page about Dr. Porges' research  

[YouTube Video below -- Click on picture to play it. It lasts only 60 seconds, but is very positive.] James Earl Jones welcomes you: Suicide Prevention -- Don't let people miss the Welcome we hold out to them. [Extra: Special assignment -- Watch the video at least two times; look at their eyes and their facial expressions. You are not alone. Welcome.]

"On Belonging and Coming Home": David Whyte: Poet

Veterans Journey Home [site]  

[Click here or on picture for NICABM video on The Warrior Mindset]


Non-invasive qEEG brain function assessment: Synaptic Connections, Inc. -- formed as a not-for-profit resource [more]


[NOTE: One practitioner who is using this is Scott Fairchild, Psy.D., in Florida, who told me about the QEEG program being used for the military, the The Coming Home Project.]

Dr. Wilson's warning about the unexpected factor: Dental traumas can affect brain health

Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Dental-Cranial Traumas 
New focus: Dysoxygenosis and the work of Lowell Weinder, DDS, FAGD [See Biological Dentistry introduction

New focus for Functional Medicine practitioners: Dr. Gant interviewed dental surgeon and educator, Lowell Weiner, DDS. The impact on physical and mental health caused by dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system by breathing problems can be profound. 


Boxers, Football Players, Airplane pilots, divers -- who get blows to the head or barotrauma -- can develop micro-clots that lead to bone death ("cavitations").

Anyone with metal fillings has electrical current from foods-plus-metals. Note: This current is stronger than the typical current in the brain.

Root Canal Filled Teeth and Extraction Sockets are a potential source of stress.

Contact a Biological Dentist for guidance.


Oxygen Therapies

Described on the site of one of Dr. Bruce Rind in Washington DC. His site:


The work of Charles Gant, M.D. He has founded the Academy of Functional Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology. Genetic marker testing/Brain nutrient assessment/"Brain Health and Wellness" program/ testing for heavy metals and parasites, and much more. Patient programs may contain daily nutrient packets designed to meet the client's genetic and metabolic challenges, and attention to problems discovered through the extensive laboratory testing.

Academy of Functional Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology  |  


Colon Hydrotherapy/Rejuvenation/Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Spa visits:

For cleansing and rejuvenation for enhancing tissue function and boosting metabolic processes, etc.

Craniosacral Therapy: [more info]

This is a subtle method of enhancing communication between the conscious brain and the autonomic nervous system. It is perceived as very relaxing and rejuvenating; however, it is a powerful method of bringing awareness to the conscious mind of the deeper activities of the autonomic nervous system. "Somato-Emotional Release" is an option that Dr. Upledger describes as potentially very important. See information on treatment program they offered to Vietnam veterans (Healing Combat Trauma: the Healing Hands Project).  

Family Constellation Therapy:  [more info on my information site | my blog introduction to Family Constellations

I have taken many of these continuing education workshops which are therapeutic events regarding the experience of one's place in the flow of love and nurture through the generations. I have found it useful for my own life, and have seen its benefits for many participants of "constellations".


 Treatment Options:

     I write about the emotional correlations of acupuncture Organs on the meridian system: [click here].  

      There are over 2 million findings with Google search for Acupuncture and Mental Health

     Articles [I plan to include additional ones]:

     Acupoint Tapping Therapies: EFT, Tong Ren, etc.

       Acupuncture: A Valuable Adjunct Therapy; Michael O. Smith, M.D., D.Ac. (He is a psychiatrist and the article is about addictions but it is a valuable presentation about acupuncture and mental health.)

       Book: I recently read Acupuncture is Like Noodles, about the mental health benefits of acupuncture in a group setting. 

 I could write more about acupuncture [read more here], but I want to make it clear here that acupuncture has a very practical benefit and the patient does not need to spend a lot of time learning about theory. As the book, Acupuncture is Like Noodles, puts it, acupuncture should be widely available and not be seen as a high-priced medical treatment (they describe "Zen-Golden Needle Acupuncture", or "White-Coat Acupuncture", delivered at high cost and not used frequently, or not used at all by those with low incomes). My own scientific explanation of acupuncture includes the social benefits of the Autonomic Nervous System (seeThree-Level Autonomic Nervous System information), and I see acupuncture as an experience of both a focus on one's own physical body with at the same time a connection to the nurturing energy of the universe and human family that surrounds them. (See Science and Spirituality.) I often fall asleep when I am receiving acupuncture, and sleep is a very good state for the healing process to proceed without the interference of the mind.


Recent advances in non-directive hypnotherapy make it a powerful tool to teach self-awareness and self-treatment. Simple but effective techniques can help people create targeted areas of their body where immune function can be shifted. For more details see: Hypnotherapy | CDs and Self-Hypnosis information [Dr. Schoen's site].

Developmental Movement Therapy:

I have been impressed with the benefits of movement patterning. There are a number of resources for this nationally. Some of the information that I have is on my other site [Developmental Movement Therapy].