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Repurposing of the earlier page titled Science, Brain Health and saving humanity through knowledge. You are welcome to take time to read the paragraphs in this Internet site and do some mental processing of what happens when you read different pages. You can find links from my site to two sites for psychology training. I plan to return to this page and add new items that I'd like to make available to myself if I am without my own computer and smartphone.

Shrink Rap Radio and the Zur Institute have been key to my integration of past traumas. I first encountered back in the 1990s. Click to Download Full list of Podcasts (PDF) after I have uploaded the file from my other computer. 

For two weeks now the world has heard presentations  by the two dominant political parties in the USA. Each day on C-SPAN Radio they had representatives of both parties, followed by often convoluted critique on the part of  the Other Side. It has been difficult maintaining an Independent position.

The chief reason for my calm temporary dismissal of each side's presentations is that I have already lived through a  few weeks of Mock Warfare by Muslim men who by definition of foreignatn beholding to what the Oath of Citizenship calls allegiance to foreign princes or principalities. (That was February to March.) I imagined I had happened upon an "initial dry run" for a strong bid for Muslim male take-over of Washington DC.

[I plan to put links to important Muslim websites later this morning ]

Far-fetched? If some "War class " were to see how I did an "Einstein Thought Experiment" on the behavior of Muslim men it would seem unmistakable. If any military member who had gone through Live-Fire Bootcamp during wartime saw what I did, they would be happy that no firefights have happened yet. I met impressive Imaginary soldiers from Muslim countries. For a while I mentally "dragged and dropped" players in this drama into battlefields seen in History of War notebooks someone had bootlegged from West Point.

For now, I'm planning on taking expression training [acting] online with Dame Helen Mirin in her Master Class.

[Disclosure: This has become a psychotherapy model of graded journaling and prayer, humming, and thinking.]

You few friends who know me well know that this Website is a combination of Journal and resource connections. Dedication is to the Constitution and the freedom provided by the men and women who defend this nation.

Without information, data, where would our nation be?

[Teaser content WHITE PERSON VERSION. Ask Dave Chapell what that means.]

[rewrite this paragraph before letting the public have access to this. The children don't know how to handle their anger these days. ,

...without information where in the world is Dr. Wilson? Use our password protected conduits on our four URLs and four Twitter feeds. I nearly died for the freedom of Ethiopian women and men during the Vietnam War in July 1970. More elsewhere seen when you hit the Menu tab; a rich archive of meditations on Sufi/Gibran wisdom and much more that is not being honored by Muslim on Muslim Killing. This is the legacy of the Shia Sunni Divide. That death-blow to the Islam teachings is known as Muslim Marital Rape Culture. The last outbreath of the man who wrote his thoughts about Christians invading his desert land arrived. He was unable to tell his followers that he realized both sides were simultaneously clearly correct. The refusal to state the successor lineage was the death of his educational teaching credentials among the nations. Remember, friends, my science teachers often had glimpses of the Acupuncture energies that generate Fields which enfold each baby as it leaves the birth canal of its mother. These energy fields are powerful. Thanks for your many inputs over the years, I'm glad that none of you has attempted to simultaneously lived with the incompatible opposites.. [Star Trek episode Loki with Frank Gorshen and Captain James T. Kirk.] More later



Muhammed Ali; A kind of Savior for Blacks in America [see my photo collage combining shots of Ali and women warriors in Star Wars]

Sadly things [ordained by God some would say] led to Ali's decisions led directly to my sister's death on his retirement retreat in rural Michigan. I tell the story with a smile now: of The Wilson Family. Our Dad killed Japanese pilots as a gunner on B-17 bombers in the Pacific aiming to stop the Emperor from ordering his nation to take over the Pacific properties. Our Mom married him after he returned from World War Two shocked but highly productive. Next: I was born two years later. As first-born I was always exploring and nearly died a few times before I got to high school. I never played with my sister then brother. By the time they could look to me as someone to play with, I coaxed them into Dad's Army duffel bag and I pulled them around the floor. (Sort of like they do in Space Stations now with pulling on a cord and a weight slides across the floor..) My father came home from his country animal survey in the Michigan countryside, heard my mother describe what I'd done, and he exploded in a quick snap of rage and he broke in two the painted Peace Pipe he had made for me and threw it so that it struck just near my head in my bed. [I only cleared the fear about that in 1989 psychology and healing class at Bastyr University naturopathic medical school's class taught by the much beloved Maureen OKeefe. (Her final days were in an idyllic retirement prayer vigil I imagine her taking out in the New Mexico outback. She might have been killed by a bear, but I imagine she did ceremony and responded appropriately to any challenge whether angry human from Seattle church or some angry animal. She died too early.

The new title reflects the gallant man Muhammed Ali. His property in rural Michigan was untouched after he bought it.

His lack of straightening our the curvy winding road LED TO MY SISTER'S DEATH ON HIS PROPERTY. I've never angrily stated the situation. My sister had been injured by Mercury Dental Amalgam fillings, her handwriting got tighter, she went out for a long drive from Michigan to Florida. She prayed all the time because she was one of the most faithful virgins in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The day she died was the day that David Koresh (7th Day Adventist apostate) was being burned up in his Waco Texas compound. She died at 8:15 p.m. on April 15th, crushed instantly by the force her her little hatchback rental car being dragged by a head-on collision by a huge cargo truck making a turn in a rainstorm in the dusk on a "winding country road along the fenceline of the farm owned by Muhammed Ali as his secluded retreat in the Michigan back country.

So, my life and my sisters life, and the Life of Jesus Christ, and the life of Cassius Clay, and the life of Louis Farrakhan all intersected on that road. She was so crushed that at the funeral I gave a hug to the embalmer who had to look at the pulpy pile of my sister being SMASHED by head-on collision with a Mack Truck. I told him his job was to take the visual image away from the family and so we could always remember her from the pictures from when she grew up before joining the Seventh Day Adventists. My mother had told me that Connie was enticed by their fun picnics and drawings of colorful Jesus and his White Family in parks and rolling hills, etc.


Good News!: My efforts have led to young NDs establishing the Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians []. As previously I also invite you to visit my Amen-Affiliated Education Cener (AAEC) homepage.

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Be sure to think about filling out their "My Brain Type" questionnaire to learn more about your brain. FYI: In the past my site visitors could can receive a 15% discount on books, DVDs, supplements and other items in any of the Amen Clinic sites by using this discount code: ECENTER42.
New Program: The Amen Clinics now offer a 10% discount on brain imaging for people who are consulting Dr Wilson as an AAEC physician.

Bellow is a video that I experimented with. It clearly reflects my hopes for peace in the world. The Mattie Stepanek Peace park is a well gardened grassy area and it has several playground areas that are connected with a wheelchair-friendly series of paths. My thoughts about children's curiosity being the energy that drives new discoveries and innovations.



WellnessWorksHawai'i: My affiliate on Oahu, Richard Diehl, Ph.D., M.Ed., Lic.Acup [site]

Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics [Click here for my introduction with special webinar access information.]  

Bastyr University: Natural Health Sciences


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"Keep It Managed" (KIM) Inflammation-Management data (menu page image below) [link]:
Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils (also called essential fatty acids) act like vitamins and can have powerful effects on our physiology. Too much Omega-6 can lead to inflammation and damage to health. When people eat more Omega-3 oils (such is in fish oil) they have better health and better brain function. The KIM data is public data from the NIH. One example of public announcement of this information is the Morgan County, West Virginia, website.

The Institute of HeartMath [link]

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Craniosacral therapy; FlexAware; Biofeedback; Hypnotherapy/Soma-Focus; Integrative Homeopathy; Acupuncture; Acupressure; Reflexology; Family Constellations; Attachment Theory; Neuroplasticity; Zone Diet.

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Mental Health Care General Links
Internet Mental Health
Let’s Talk Facts, APA
Mental Health Counselor Resources,
Mental Help Net
Mental Illnesses/Disorders
University of Michigan Health Topics A to Z
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Suicide Awareness and Hotlines
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Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Suicide: Read This First

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