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[v. October 25, 2021 after General Colin Powell died due to vaccination stress. Our work together on Wisdom Day 2021 was at a Launch point. I am honoring his memory with: The Colin Powell "Peace-Ability" Pole Project. (photos will be uploaded soon.) ]

[v. August 7, 2020, 12:09 pm; being updated President Biden has not yet been removed. Smile...our military is awake, Independent politically for the most part.]

See below the link I just trailer for the film, War Games. [Thus is a Family-friendly film where the touch of a young woman saves the young man who then stops a war. See Minute 40 of film, War Games...the general says, "Get me the President on the horn."... Then he said, ..... [somebody's playing a game with us, and it was not Muslims...The film is a humorous look at human self-annihilation. ]

President Trump once had this Korean Dictator smiling and distracted away from war against the USA, Japan and the world:


Note: A few years ago I found the Commencement address of President Richard Nixon to the US Air Force Academy:

Recently I viewed the Commencement Address given by President Trump to the graduating Class of 2019 at US Air Force Academy. Then I found the 2020 ceremony at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Here below is a video showing the Commandant of West Point escort the President to the speaker's platform. I felt I knew that General because he stands for the high quality education at one of the nation's military academies. You can hear and see the presentation that the General made for the President. Those men and women graduated and are now commissioned officers in The Long Grey Line of Army officers. You can learn a lot by watching the entire proceedings in the video because it is a showcase for the Army officers teaching high school graduates and turning them into well educated, versatile and strong officers. The Invocation was given by an Army chaplain, beginning with the words, "All-seeing God..." and the content was similar to the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. Look and Listen:

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[Paragraph written on July 5, 2020] The Presidential address to the nation yesterday reminded me of the time I visited Mount Rushmore. Out of curiosity I listened to everything he said and it made sense to me in this current Global Wartime versus the Islam terrorists. His executive decisions will make things be calm for another four years. I am apolitical, so I hope that voting Americans in 2024 will make good choices.


Lt. General Richard M. Clark: Here is the picture of the upcoming next Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy.

COLORADO SPRINGS — On Thursday, the United States Air Force Academy announced that President Trump nominated Lt. General Richard M. Clark to become the Academy's first Black superintendent.

According to the U.S. Air Force Academy, if the Senate confirms Lt. Gen. Clark's nomination, he will become the second Black general to head up a service academy. He will be in charge of the Academy's undergraduate academic program, cadet military, and athletic training and character development.

My time at the USAF Academy was the chance of a lifetime for me. My grandfather and my father had both worn uniforms in wartime (WW 1 and WW 2) I was full of enthusiasm and did a lot of small pranks. The very first night at the academy I sneaked down the hallway after lights-out and snipped the end off of a sign placed there by Class of 1966. It might have read: "You are ruled by 1966," When I got back to my room the number then read: 1969..They never caught me, but my bravado was eventually tempered. I had become a "Tunnel Rat" leading underclassmen through the labyrinth of mechanical tunnels underneath the main surface of the Academy. I was caught doodling a "bird" middle finger salute on a paper in a class and was placed on restrictions with hour-long times of marching with a rifle on my shoulder. Because of my middle name (Ralph Wood Wilson) when we switched squadrons starting the third year, I took the name Woody. In later years I lived in Seattle and took the name "Woody the Kitemaster" and put on workshops. I made kites out of different types of coverings. I had science-based kites with markings to construct your own. I still teach Kite workshops.





Now that we are in the puzzling CoVid19 time of shift I am fully back into service as actively a card-carrying Former Officer. That designation wasn't available at the time of my Honorable Discharge. In my mind despite officially back in the Civilian World, I felt strongly that I was always going to serve the nation actively. Hooray! After the Muslim attacks of 9-11-2001, somebody in the military decided that they would add a third rating which is Former Officer.. That new designation likely brought thousands of veterans in leadership ranks back into service to the nation. The motto of the Military Officers Association of America, MOAA.


Lt. General Michelle Johnson: A few years ago I had the honor of joining a reception of USAF Academy grads who gave our thanks to Lt. General Michelle Johnson for her leadership as the Superintendent of the Academy. [Click to view USAF Academy news report on Hosting the Last Commander's Call.] She was the first female General I had met. I was impressed with the attentiveness of the junior officers who managed her schedule and kept her up to the minute on developments during the Global Summit of Military Academies [a commendable endeavor led by a West Point graduate]. You can find more about General Johnson by searching the internet and military biography sites. The Directorate of cadet Climate, Culture and Diversity needed her tenure which ended abruptly after the Trump election. 


Here is some of the news report above: “Keeping the Academy contemporary will ensure it stays at the ‘top of its game,” she said. “We live in an amorphous world of asymmetric threats we really need to think through.” Expanding the Academy’s academic and cultural diversity is fundamental to keeping the school contemporary, Johnson said. “Diversity aids in solving modern geopolitical problems. Problem solving across diverse groups — that’s what we need to be doing.” (Again, please see her story at  Hosting the Last Commander's Call.


My first special assignment 1969 [I felt like an adventurer but ended up in the ranks of those the civilians spit on and tried to harm]: My boss was the adventurous former Boy Scout, Brigadier General Harold F. Funsch, Command Surgeon, Military Airlift Command. [View His Bio on a military website.]

He was an exemplary leader and showed me many clues to effective leadership. Addendum: He was flamboyant and took me under his wing after he had already begun the groundwork for Space Command. The "Legend of Woody" the cadet headed for space was moving forward.

I worked in his staff [August 1969 to September 1970] on special assignment after I graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy ( on June 4, 1969. I traveled many times to sites in the USA as well as overseas sometimes acting as courier. I visited the Chimp Lab in New Mexico; saw space capsule, almost got rides in the High-G spinning centrifuge and the Rocket Sled that was rusty and unused.

He and those of us in his office, carried out his his responsibilities for the flight fitness of...actually all pilots in all services globally. [Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.] I felt proud to be part of this quiet organization that held the future of space in its hands.

As a cadet I had pushed myself beyond my limits. Space was my goal but I knew that the Social Sciences map on the wall in high school was changing due to Communist disruptions. See pics below that hint at my training as leader in Basic Airborne Training Ft. Benning, Navy SEAL training in the jungle with SEAL boats in 1967. The adventure became deadly serious with the jungle warfare training. There were injuries, the men never gave up. I haven't been able to learn who of the 20 men I was temporary leader for made it through that Southeast Asia wartime. At least 8 may still be alive today. I think of them often. One Army Chaplain who took jungle training at the same time barely managed to crawl and rappel down the waterfall, but he firmly said, "I'm doing it so I can go with my men."

My 6th Airborne jump in 1968 was from this aircraft. Landing was rough on my leg. See YouTube video.

Disaster for me and the General: After the Vietnam War heated, up the Space Command disappeared because of President Nixon's choices. We were herded into an auditorium and asked to consider being pilots or navigators. I never felt the same after a stunning sequence of incidents in which a cadet I knew killed himself after his brother spun out and his sports car was demolished with him and his fiance. His mother was like a second mother to me and I had even confided in her about receiving my first "Dear John" letter. She was sad to tell me about her younger son's demise, "He took his own life." That's the only thing I knew about that troubled teenager who I knew had some friends who bullied him about being in the military. I felt crushed and had nightmares for years. General Funsch retired in 1972, the same year that I "took an early out" into the civilian world. I think that he was sorry that our shared vision did not materialize -- no Space Command. He did, however become famous for designing the C-9 Nightingale for rapid landing and departure in Vietnam, with a ramp that allowed helicopters to land and put the wounded on a gurney that was then rolled up the ramp so the stretcher could be clamped into position bunk-bed style and troops safely evacuated rapidly. The rear of the passenger compartment had a table for surgeons to operate and included oxygen and suction tubing. See photos that include units the General was responsible for, as well as the ROTC and SAC assignments I had after I had been assigned as active duty to the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Cadet Suicides Likely Related to Religious Training leading to Sexual Ignorance: See my pages on Sex.. Today I have hopes of encouraging current cadets to be calm and self-aware as well as having all Senators be told that their choices of cadet appointees are important for the future business community after they leave their mandated time of service in uniform. I want this preparation in healthy relationships to be part of the training for all applicants to uniformed military academies. I want socially healthy applicants and I want all academies to turn out productive members of the Air Force and, possibly have a future assignment to help humans live on Mars. I offer support for civilian non-lethal colonization. I have seen the film "The Martian" three times and each time I see some new aspect of the scenes. I downloaded the image below and added white puffs to represent houses, some with a great view.

See my Captains Log at Twitter accounts

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Below here are key videos and links that were originally on my Home Page including the work of Robert Hedaya, M.D., of Whole Psychiatry; David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of; Jennifer Bahr, N.D. co-founder of Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians Jennifer Bahr, N.D. [her site] interviewed on the following podcast by Dr. Van Nuys:

Post-Inauguration content: [February 1, 2017--  The Inaugural Balls and the Protests are over. Take a break, every body in DC needs to take a break sometime. [I'm busy developing Wisdom Day 2017 to be activated in person on Wednesday March 15th.] For youself or your friends why don't you contact Nirvana or EastWestHealingArts and buy some prepaid certificates for  yourself or for your friends who need healing touch that you aren't able to give.

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Those who have followed my career over the decades know that I enjoy connecting people with the growing number of options for good health of mind and body as well as social health. When I do psychotherapy and counseling for adults and children with caregiver accompaniment I draw upon Positive Psychology [Seligman | Zur] and the Coherence Therapy insights of the Coherence Psychology Institute. I offer my insights and my connections to help you solve problems and clean out obstacles to self-healing. [See About Me for updated Bio and  career checkpoints.] Check out the current Menu items on the side of this screen. You can discover new choices to connect with Health via Internet, Phone or In-Person events in Washington DC, Hawai'i or Seattle. I'm dedicated to helping you find Connections that benefit your life. DCNN now stands for: Direct Connections Natural Neuroscience. See my two Welcome videos below, about connections I can help you experience.

Reminder Post Election 2016: Our Nation Is Still At War

Below is a depressing trailer to a film followed by a positive motivational description of leadership aboard ship in the time of Napoleon. These three-minute introductions show different opinions concerning leadership demands of wartime. Each trailer is a superb film excerpt showing men and boys motivated to do the wartime another century where women could not officially be warfighters. [I watched the film in theater 5 times and several more on DVD in my home office.] The title of the film is, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. It stars Russell Crowe and Ralph Bellamy. 

Today's uniformed service is much different, with access to families back home even on the day of battle events. There are many challenges for mental readiness and resilience of active military who still have connections with Family, Friends and Community. Supporting resilience and adaptability is a major outcome of the work I offer. 

In addition, treating veterans is an important challenge after they are welcomed home.


This video about War and sacrifice is recently compiled at the Washington National Cathedral -- an unexpectedly clear look at what Sacrifice means to those who have sacrificed in many ways:


Wisdom Day series -- Seeking ways that we health professionals can collaborate to deliver effective and affordable applications of science and time-tested traditional approaches. General Colin Powell directed his staffer in 2018 to tell me that the General can't do speaking events for no charge. Howeve he asked me, "How can I be a perfect fit for [Lieutenant Wilson]'s event?"

My clinical site is designed to help you sort through the options in the health care field so that you can build your strategy and make choices for your next steps forward. Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. We can work via Tele-Coaching, Email or in person. See my Welcome video above about making a difference.

I'm trained in primary care and treating disease with natural therapies, as well as several eclectic methods for counseling and self-empowerment. No matter what disease label you have been given, as a solution-focused naturopathic physician, counselor and coach -- keeping in touch with what other natural medicine practitioners are doing -- my goal is to help you free your resources for healing and uncover your innate potential. I invite you to learn about the brain-healthy discoveries of psychiatrist Daniel Amen, M.D. by clicking on this link or on the menu to the right. You'll also benefit from reading about New Brain Science discoveries and how to build a healthy brain and understand your mind, especially after trauma. 

Those who've followed my career know that I highly recommend that the general public as well as health care professionals listen to the psychology podcast interviews of educator and psychologist, David Van Nuys, Ph.D. He founded Shrink Rap Radio which has weekly interviews and a newsletter to announce upcoming events. After listening to his programs I began my Blog and founded Here are two podcasts about mental health and naturopathic medicine contributions: Orthomolecular Medicine and Mental Health with Jonathan Prousky, ND, and Functional Medicine with Naturopath and Psychoanalytic Therapist Dr. Stephen Ducat

Below is an interview of Doctor Dave by Australian psychologist Amy Felman.

This interview is a great look at his career as an educator then his current position as a "teacher" of a huge number of people via the free online podcasts and often videos. It is an interview of Doctor Dave by an Australian psychologist.


The interview below is with British Psychologist Peter Kinderman, about expanding our understanding of the use of diagnostic labels and the personalization of care with the goal of non-stigma and self-respect:


Below is his interview with the co-founder of Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians Jennifer Bahr, N.D. [her site].



Addendum: Following is a new link to a favorite social health/spiritual health explorer -- Krista Tippett, the founder of On Being: She is sponsored by several institutions including the Fetzer Institute (I was a student representative to its 1988 dedication in Kalamazoo, Michigan). Weekly inputs to my counseling practice are Shrink Rap Radio and OnBeing, which complement each other well and help me in my work with both secular and religious clients. [I write more on my information site's page Science and Spirituality.]


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