To My Daughter Raped by a Muslim Rockstar

Urgent Reminder: August 8, 2021 before President Biden has been removed.

[In-process writing. v. 07-16-2020, before Candidate Biden was declared winner. } What are young girls being exposed to in their learning situations? Islamic schools are certified to teach them as seen lower down. I also include a video of a US Navy SEAL who describes the things I learned when I trained with Navy SEALS 1967. I may add videos to this sequence. I could have been in a father-like situation because I was hoping to be engaged to after a year marry a woman. She had been born in Africa, "A Christian Woman" with five children, one of whom was almost 18 as I recall. I felt that the daughter was not quite ready to have sex and she would soon be out of the legal range of her parents. (Sigh...)

The following "Learn by Cinema" video clips are powerful reminders of the danger of the Islamic split between Sunni and Shia. That split is core-level. The founder of the Islamic empire when he died refused to give the blessing to either side of what became the split tree trunk of Sunni versus Shia. The Star Trek episodes were shown on television in 1967; we cadets at the US Air Force Academy watched it in Black and White on our small TV in our Academy Squadron Day Room. The motivation behind the episode that shows two sides of a species originally was the "Race Divide" as understood by the Hollywood writers of screenplays. However, when we look with the understanding of today it could be thought of as describing the core split between Shia and Sunni of the Moslem seed. That phenomenon was split from the very onset.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Park Bench where young woman saves a Sunni male xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Break for wisdom from a Black psychotherapist on the topic of being Anti-Racist as a therapist]

The Final Battlefield scene above shows Captain Kirk essentially banning the two sides to a planet where they could battle until they each exhausted their energy. Eternity? 

The second to last is actually the Full 72 Episodes of Star Trek the Original Series. It is set to show the scene with the two male forms having one black and one white side. THIS IS NOT ACCURATE for world-wide skin colors. We all have melanin and nobody has pure black make-up on their skin. THIS IS ACCURATE WHEN APPLIED TO UNDERSTANDING ISLAM DIVIDE: Sunni and Shia.

Question: Would the world be better off if somehow the two sides could go somewhere to implode and disappear from the face of the planet? Sociologists have puzzled over what happened after the man called "Prophet" died. The people who were left behind had to follow rigidly the writings. Chaos was scary for them. Former President Obama has repeatedly remarked that the Trump presidency was showing "Chaos." Actually the function of "chaos" is necessary for a new thing to be created. Islamic teachings shut off the children from being creative. Children raised with restrictions intrinsic to their worldview cannot be trusted to help the world creatively solve the current situations. 

The final solution video with Captain Kirk is intriguing for me. Maybe President Trump could convene a panel of experts to De-Certify schools that teach male dominance and violence against women. At least he could give the world a chance to see what America can do with four more years of more creative protection of humanity.  And, in closing on this paragraph, President Trump said in his Address to the World given from Mount Rushmore, he put our attention to the pioneers who helped build cities in the desolate territory. He included mentioning specifically the CITY OF LAS VEGAS in the state of Nevada. I hope to write more about the meaning of the message of Las Vegas regarding the human experience of Chance, and sometimes Risk taking. (Don't go to Las Vegas with more money than you can afford to lose.) What a city in a desolate state! I respect Nevada. There are many naturopathic physicians in the state of Nevada and I have begun contacting them to alert them to a hoped-for onrush of women and their protectors. These women are "selling hugs for money." Las Vegas itself is off limits and "Family Friendly" with shows and colored lights; but the function that is called Prostitution is illegal within the city limits. Men visiting Nevada will soon be receiving information about the skill of naturopathic physicians to help them have safe hiring situations when they seek to hire a women to give them hugs. I have contacted the Nevada Brothel Association after seeing videos of Investigative Reporter John Stossel giving reports about protecting the women who work in environments where men can pay and have dinner with a woman they aren't married to, even set up scenarios in which the man and woman play roles and the man can be calmed and groomed by the woman. This takes intense skill on the part of the woman because she needs to know how the flash-point brain of the male can get overloaded. (Resulting in the recent death of a Latino female enlisted soldier at the hands of a sex-crazed Jewish 20-year old; whose brain was still in the Adolescent phase of less than 25 years old when he killed her then killed himself.)

Enough for this sitting of writing:

Star Trek Episode with Schizophrenic split of two planets. Episode: Loki Racism divide two faces

[v. 07-06-2020, 11:45; CoVid19 rewrite being updated. Following is what has grown into a Jungian, Post-Ericksonian journaling demonstration. See Zur Institute psychology classes and Shrink Rap Radio archives.]

Title: A Father's Broken Hearted Meditation This is a written meditation about a lovely and lively daughter who lost her "Booty Integrity" by giving in to a sweet-talking Muslim trained man who sings and calls himself The Preacher. [Disclosure: The mother told me that she was a Christian; her daughter at one time was overheard and I think she said that he was called The Preacher and had starting calling himself Christian a year and a half ago.] This Rockstar Preacher is described as saying he loved the way her Beautiful Booty called out to him. When she said that she began to swing her hips a little. I think that in some rock event she had swayed her butt in front of him. Legally for parents this seduction cannot be classed as Rape, neither can it be prosecuted as Islamic Sharia Law Muslim Marital Rape. "He simply tagged me," she would protest. Addendum: I remember one hot argument when the mother slipped that she might like to have sex with another more hot and heavy man than me. I've had to cease any prayer or attempts to give loving care to her mother. Sadly I cannot advise or adopt that strong willed beautiful curvy child as my under-18 virgin daughter.  I think that as of today she is no longer The Virgin.

It wasn't God's Will. No Inshallah. God didn't will that penile penetration from a hot-blooded sweet-talking Rockstar. I cannot write any more today.

Below see videos:

The speaker is a psychotherapy type and he is quite skilled at rapidly presenting material. You'll see why I attempt to do similar Rapid Information Transfer:

Watch and hear the wise caution of a celebrated Black expert in survival, Dave Chappel in the video below. His life of careful tender anger as a wise Black man is well known. I consider him a National Treasure in the same arena as celebrated George Carlin. [Note to self, put link to the Wisdom Day update, where viewers see Dave Chapell happy in 2009 -- with Pres. Obama providing protection for Blacks,. Now in the video below in 2020, we see his response to the riots and burnings. He had been called by many people who respect his complex and smooth-seeming words. They had called on him in this time of National crisis. The youth in our nation need a stable voice of someone over 25. Their young brains can't integrate the overwhelming waves of Heat and Hatred that tore at our nation over the past couple of weeks before the Fourth of July. This might seem similar to the LA riots but the pervasive tone of hatred shows the similar empty-of-love cognition of those Blacks to too often died after showing their armaments. Sadly in my experiences in military history and observations of killers and fighters and secret killing plots, etc., I think these youth are being corrupted by simple memorable phrases that could easily flare into awareness and lead them to kill any human who does not fit their "OK Model."

Our greatest danger in America is men who don't know what healthy sex is, this includes men who think they can buy any fun sex anytime they want.. The world needs women who compassionately sell hugs and listening and sexual interplay safely. Thank God that this is possible in Nevada, where the women have isolated Las Vegas as "family friendly" about openly sex for money, and the rest of the state has legal hugs for pay in hundreds of locations.

This video is directed to psychotherapists, but can help anyone to understand Racism and Anti-Racism.

Fears and anger aside, taking a breath now, I ask you to look upward and see Mars. You may on a clear night in New Mexico glimpse the ISS, International Space Station. The Commander of the Space Station in the clip below is a Woman. I'd trust this woman with the interest of any boy or girl who wants to study STEM and get off this planet with the crazy religious killings going on.

Here is a tour of the International Space Station by Commander Sunny Williams. You will note that her hair floats freely which is good for ventilation of the scalp; her pants are short because in the past the long leg pants snagged on objects when the astronauts floated quickly. And, her claim to fame is the non-dramatic description of the Zero Gravity Toilet which was not invented when the film, 2001 A Space Odyssey.

See news clips of Hindus killing Buddhists. See news about Buddhists killing Hindus.

Muslim Killers: Do an internet search and find news items and video clips specifically about: Muslims killing ones called names: Daughters, Callgirls, Whores, Ex-wives, Sultan's wife, Shia trained scholars, Shia Sufi specialists, Honor Killing Case Losers, innocent Chinese villagers. (I have not searched to see how widely other nations have reported about the Islamists spreading their net of killings including any cleric who does not teach Sharia law.)

riginally: Intended as non-indexed page not to be seen on the Menu. Bookmark or share this. It will be used for private disclosure to major investors in the health support institute I’d like to see formed as a group endeavor. 

Now during Coronavirus time I’ve walked the sidewalks of both Albuquerque and Colorado Springs. The sex- worker scene here is nothing like what Nevada offers to those valiant  women who offer hugs for a fee. The Prostitution of Labors is a protected profession in the United States but only in the unique state called Nevada [NV]. FYI: I saw a video sometime ago where a radio talk host and her guest were discussing prostitution in Nevada; they said that specifically Las Vegas is off limits and is Family Friendly. Any sex for sale there to someone not married, is not legal. If you are tormented with sexual tensions contact a psychotherapist or someone you trust. There are steps that can be taken but you are the one who needs to search out help that makes coherent sense to you.  See: Coherence Psychology Institute, as well as Dr. Felice Dunas' site, Healing Through Pleasure.  

I was propositioned the other day in a wildly implausible way. I’m sure what she and her guy friend meant. He didn’t ask for money. After we parted ways during that hot New Mexico day he said he’d get in touch to arrange a meeting. 

That meeting never happened. I’ve  now invested three days preparing a safe situation to help them “come in out of the coldly calculating dance of deception around high Pelvic Congestion with the drive to have multiple thrill moments in a day.  I’ve thought back on all the training I’ve had in interrogations aimed at bringing people to see new options. I hope that people all over the country can think about the very human dynamics surrounding the birth of children and the safety of the women who carry the pregnancies as well as caring for the men who provide the other half if the Miracle of Life.   

I’m now almost nine months into actively cultivating the soil on which I’ve constructed four Twitter channels. I have prepared Prototype #1 of Dr. Wilson’s Mars Shell B office staff training in support for OB-GYN and Pediatrics. I’ve been trained in the Air Force Medical Service Corps so I can rapidly assess needs and propose a functional plan of action. 


Today’s version of this private page is intended to be accessed by professional writers and screen actors such as Mama Mia actor Meryl Streep or JK Rowling. The poor veterans here in tough and tumble Albuquerque (City of fame in series Breaking Bad, also film No Country for Old Men) could stay long term for $900/month, less than $35 a night. Also sex-addicted ladies can be seen battered with her belongings thrown over a fence. One I met on a bus was escaping a “boyfriend” in Utah who threw her out of his house with only a bra blue jeans and small suitcase  Each has a sad unique story. They all deserve the happiness that has been described as similar for all members of a happy household  (Misery knows it is separate and Not glad to recognize other people’s misery  


Please give money to the business offices of safe havens now deepening their roots in the unique State of Nevada  Listen to the solid support and legal protection in Nevada. View videos of protective lawyers and “house mothers” at the NBA: Nevada Brothel Association.   

I plan to write more personally to writers who I think have seen my Twitter postings  These include Harrison Fird, Mark Hammil, George Takei as well as JK Rowling    [Note to self find pictures related to your support of these writers and actors.]

[v. 03-27-2020]. Beginning to re-write this page after.Coronavirus alerts. 

At East-West Healing Arts we are available to offer assessments and services to visitors to Washington DC. Both Nurse Berberich and I are licensed to deliver both in-person care as well as telephone update advice via phone & email. I’m pleased to honor Nurse Carole Berberich who is a unique practitioner, Nurse Carole Berberich. She is also a skilled massage practitioner as well as a fully Licensed Acupuncturistl. I've been deeply impressed by Carole Berberich and her helper dog Lucky Barker. Lucky has recently died and had burial and memorial services. He is deeply missed. Stop and think for a moment about Lucky and all the love he gave to her patients. They enjoyed his gentleness and the calm of his huge and solid animal-ness. He knew who he was: East-West Healing Arts site.