Wisdom Day 2021 and Sophia Loren

[This page is being updated. v. 10-25-2021]

Bookmark this page for future years archive. Jump down to Colin Powe   ll invitation to help support Wisdom Day 2021. I've been preparing for the right time and to ask now seems accurate. See Generals I Knew.

The message of that event: No More Bullying. The main focus is on "Four First Ladies" [FLOTUS44, FLOTUSU45, FLOTUS46 and Sophia Loren the elegant First Lady of the Heart film: The Life Ahead.


Clancy McKenzie, MD [Link]

Update v. 9-09-2021. Wisdom Day 2021 is now being planned for convenience at November 16, 2021.  I will send update information to General Colin Powell.

To honor the children and pediatric mental health work I've done, I planned a Holodeck experience for Wisdom Day. (See Star Trek clips on YouTube.) It will include a major Virtual Reality aspect, a Holodeck experience of standing alongside others on a Mars mountainside plateau pledging "No More Bullies from Planet Earth." I have spent months on Twitter building "buzz" so that an Elon Musk civilian robot may someday roll up a Mars incline and deliver the "Mars Memorial Garden Display Box." 

PARTICIPATION in such a Earth Memorial Garden is: People each take one US Postal Department two-cent postage stamp and stick a single hair onto it; then the stamp can be placed onto a 3x5 index card and mailed to an address that Elon Musk decides is appropriate. When collected into a clear glass box, the cards with pieces of hair can then be placed into the Mars surface display mount. For the rest of eternity Martian sunrises and sunsets will fall upon a small piece of each of us. We are not "stuck on Earth" but have already gone far beyond, 

Addendum on April 23, 2021: Wisdom Day 2021 will include activities online with no in-person activities. The Kaiser Center for Total Health this year is being asked to host an hour or more of presentations about the services and mission of Kaiser-Permanente.

I am in the process of adding a virtual outdoor vista where virtually people can come and stand and enjoy the activities while wearing Oculus virtual reality goggles. The site will be on a virtual Mars landscape. The background will include photos and drawings made during the filming of The Martian. [See official trailers.]

Images of geodesic dome habitations on the Wichita Kansas site of the Riordan Clinic. These shapes could be adapted for use on Mars.

Last year I invited Colin Powell. In 2021 I wanted to ask Bessel van der Kolk if we can include his expertise on "The Body Keeps the Score." I also honored Felice Dunas, PhD (her original site was HealingThroughPleasure.com), however, after I witnessed unethical acts I started a risk management site, HealingThroughPleasure2.pro. I highly recommend the work of psychiatrist Dr Dan Siegel (DrDanSiegel.com).

Major Focus for Wisdom Day 2021. Bullying and Sexual Violence.

I plan to add recent information about the acting career of Sophia Loren.

I plan to embed a tour of the ISS by International Space Station Commander Sunita Williams giving a weightless tour of the Space Station. I watch that video at least once a month because I am not an Anti-Female male. She has her hair softly drifting around her, she is wearing shorts, she bends her legs in plain view, she speaks matter-of-factly about the Zero-Gravity Toilet which has now been perfectly invented; the video is perfectly child-friendly about how children in Space can know that they will not be killed or harassed when using the toilet within a multi-sex environment"When you go Number 2.... Number 1 is in this color-coded suction tube... and always wear your gloves when using the space toilet."

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Two scientific landmark events give me hope that there is science that can help calm society. The first is the Coherence Psychology Institute's announcement in the year 2000, of the Coherence Therapy explanation for success of some methods for some caregivers. The second is the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2014 which describes function of cells in the brain's Hippocampus that create functional "maps" of the surroundings and helps the mammal to Orient in its environment. Applying that to humans leads me to propose that the things people look at stimulate these maps; the more one looks at something, the more ingrained the event becomes. There may be treatment with a technology many psychiatrists are beginning to use; I have spoken with the representative of the company and here is the link to Microcurrent Neurofeedback. The tiny current applied to the scalp seems to "shake loose" aberrant plaques; if this is true there may be help for people with a variety of brain function problems.

Stephen Porges, Ph.D, is a national hero. He is changing the basic understanding of Fear, Anger, Trauma and other factors that are behind recent riots, unrest and the world-wide terror of Muslim Male Marital Rape Culture abuse of women and children, Here he talks about safety:

Current Sex Training in the world: Woefully inadequate. Males don't yet have a Sex Training institute. Below are some videos of Females who are powerful examples of  Women training Women, And, yes, you ministers and youth-group leaders, they are actually enjoying what they are doing and smiling because they know that [because of Dr. Porges and Prosidy of the female voice] the listener will feel Safe and Not-Harassed and not threatened by beheading (that is only allowed outside of America).

If you are researching the subterfuge by Anarchists and Marxists, see how they are drawing Muslims into the deadly riots. Written earlier: Re the Coronavirus, follow instructions from local authorities re viral risks. Stay indoors. Don't piss off the cops....... Really

Males in America are fighting, inciting females to follow along. Important about summer violent demonstrations and deaths. My assessment has included the fact that False Christians (Muslim infiltrators who call themselves for 1-1/2 years) may be accurate. Check out rockstars calling themselves The Preacher. Instead of worrying without hope, listen to the seasoned wisdom of Dave Chapell in videos on Home Page and below Dave Chapell didn't smile last week. But he was insightful earlier. Playful somewhat. Gifted.

Cunt Rules the World.


Urgent new Insights from World Medicine [Clue to origin of the word that sounds like "Cunt"]:

1. Written originally directed to Dame Helen Mirin who played the role of Colonel Powell, I have Embedded the trailer of your Eye in the Sky film trailer on several pages. I feel anyone visiting my site needs to remember the dangers of errant teaching* of children that ends up creating angry males wanting to destroy anything that holds back their Male Rape Culture or Muslim Marital Rape Culture.

2. Remember that Women are the more intricate and resilient of the pair [Kun and Chi]. Scientists theoretically now can actually clone the human being. Theoretically men are actually possibly Optional. [The Chinese name for female symbol sounds like K'un, and male symbol sounds like Chi-en. Kun and Chi are the rulers of all that is in human life.


Patriarchal Subterfuge changed sound spelling of K'un to CUNT and calls this a terrible thing, a FORBIDDEN WORD. Women are not allowed to claim the power that the K'un symbol is Bowl/Holder, and the male symbol is Chi denoting the Flagpole that desperately needs to be thrust into any hole that will take it.

*My hopes for civil interactions with people across the boundaries of belief systems are still intact. I was horrified when I realized that from the very deathbed of the Prophet Muhammed there was a fundamental split between the males of the two sides.

The dichotomy "before the Court of International opinion" is examined with thousands of citations online. Simply search: Sunni Shia Divide.

Captain Kirk chooses to banish the schizophrenic halves into a final Battlefield that continues to this day.

Re violence in cities. It is bad enough that regular city police have been given training formerly reserved for military who repel attackers from other countries. Wake up please. We veterans were proud of the protection we gave (World War Two, Vietnam, East Asia, etc.) I have been out of uniform for years, but any veteran knows the crushing death that can be delivered. Just be sure that you don't try to join the loners and cells of what were once valiant Muslim Warrior youth. Myself I see most of the Muslims as "a persecuted minority." I even paid gas money for a Muslim man and his wife and driver to escape from Washington DC on a deserted road during the week of shutdown and boarding up of windows for some attack that never came in the March-April divide. I don't know what is actually going on but I've been making the best of our forced cyber-connections. I hope you've done well in isolation times.

NOTE: I plan to invite different speakers next year. Dave Chapell would be sincere and powerful. I'll again notify Colin Powell. Here is the Link you can cut and paste like a Bookmark so you can come back to this top Speakers Section.

Dave Chappel: However this morning I watched Dave Chapell. I am impressed with this fighter for justice. He does a skilled job of feeling intelligent rage while managing to hold his energyunder moderate control. He ended quickly in the final one this past week. He knows people killed during the last decades. He is a stable and grounded man.

Video from 2009 of Dave Chapell in his enjoyable movements of power amid a nation of people who haven't had time to know others:

Below: See Dave Chapell back in 2009 when he spoke with strong enjoyment of his successful life. He has a smoother delivery that the edgy truth that George Carlin used to use in his shocking monologues.. Dave was with an intimate audience. You see him at ease in the long videw; he drew wisdom and humor from his huge knowledge base about the evils oppressing Blacks. They in theenjoyed each other for over three hours.

You could choose to fast forward through the three hours and you will his marvelous deep wit and alertness to events around the globe, as well as between two intimate partners, his wife and him. They never had sex until they were married. Dave Chappel's way of living is to know his topics intimately and then let his grip get loose on what happens -- the result is stunning and powerful. I laughed very hard and felt apologies for all the stupid things he joked about. I watched it for over an hour at a time.

However, That was recorded in 2009 when President Obama was in office. Below is a video I found from this week, "Everyone is masked.". Dave Chapell is now a changed man. I have laughed with angry Black young males, I have nearly been killed by angry young Black males in the past few years. We in America are choosing just how much of Spike Lee's insights the males and females in the churches can change the training of Law Enforcement. Below I wrote some detailed notes from biofeedback training I took years ago.

We all still have a lot of work to do during Election year. Dave Chapell is a man who is special like George Carlin was. I am a political independent but I sure am intrigued about the hidden good times that Donald Trump seems to having...right? Could Dave Chapell extract some humor from the Trumps? Isn't he able to smile even some? Maybe not for a few months. [Stunning alert: when I test ran the video a second time a popup ad appeared with Former Vice President Joe Biden's face and voice. He's asking for people to give money.]

If Dave helps us all to survive and to smile even a little we'll be better off. (Caution, he is very colorful in his words and does talk smoothly about the intimacies and the inuendoes relaxed Black people can use.) He pushes limits for some I am sure but I'm a sex therapist support resource and check out your inner process and deal with it.. So if you can't laugh about what is between your legs or hanging down there, I recommend that you start a Journal now and watch him every night for three days. I'm no Dave Chapell although I was trained in humor and distraction back in the 1960s and it was rather successful on getting the attention of people. No jokes today, not today. We are in mourning and still on alert status. Bummer. I'll plan on contacting Dave Chapell.

Future security of Natural Health treatment insights about CoVid19 will be given in a few months. This may be important in light of the almost typical cases of crippled children who have been brought to us after vaccinations. My Integrative Medicine friends likely would become very active, especially if the rapidly purchased emergency VACCINE causes the usual deaths and distorted Autonomic Nervous System function that I and other researchers have seen. For now read the site of a woman whose personal tragedy has led her to become a champion for the small percentage of children and families whose bodies and lifestyles are on the edge of the land of promise of a better life: Barbara Loe Fischer, National Vaccine Information Center.i

Due to the distorted destructions of rioters around the country this month, I expect to change the text on several pages of this site. I have no Contact List, and I have no Mailing list. I am intentionally "hard to find." I occasionally do Concierge work. To follow my tactics and strategies your are welcome to follow either one or both: Twitter.com/routefindersff as well as Twitter.com/MarsBaseB

The original election of President Donald Trump caught most of us by surprize. I'm a Former Officer (uniformed from 1965 to my Honorable Discharge on September 11... 1972). During the "Vietnam Era" I saw more citizen hatred and spies and weapons of village destruction than anyone in civilian life should ever know about. Today I and thousands of others are still alive. We have not forgotten the puzzles of the Nixon Era and what came after him. Many of us can now turn and say to you: Welcome to the America that our Sacrifices helped to preserve. We are glad to still be here contributing to the nation even in this time of recognition of the role of slavery in life ever since the patriarchs got control from the Female Throne Sitters.. (Slavery includes the Muslim slavery of every woman and female child since the 700s AD, as well as slavery before the Americas were "discovered.".)

Education of American Military Leadership: The Presidents of the United States stood against the infiltration of Muslim brain-washing. No education in the righteousness of Male Honor Killing has been done on our shores since 1776. Below are the graduation speeches at two key American military academies. First is the Eyes In The Sky of the US Air Force Academy, President Nixon on June 4, 1969; followed by the US Army school at West Point Maryland, given by 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Please watch carefully the entire Commencement Address to the Cadets and Families of those who the next day may lose their lives in the stand against Muslim Killers, and Cold War adversaries. The cadets spoke and used their voices in singing to let the Commander-in-Chief know that they are ready to lead into whatever "battle" of brains or physical battle is needed to protect and defend this nation.

It seems that the stark realization about the elements of what defines America has pushed us into a place where American-Born Black Women and Black Men are the ones whose life experiences give them the basis for wisdom once they reach the age of 25 and their brains are well protected from toxins.  We all have thoughts about things such as:

1. Types of Privilege (White, Black, Asian); Blacks migrated to the North. Much reparations will maybe help but not completely.

2. Assets (fewer people can keep smiling now that true costs of production plus corporate profit margins are discovered),

3. Types of Health Background related to location of house and foods and necessities of a safe life.

Next Wisdom Day: Next year in March. Possible March 17, the day before the time of Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2021

[06-24-2020] Please remember that I'm politically independent in the United States of America regarding our current Commander in Chief. The military leadership serving Mr. Trump most likely recognize the distorted logic and schizophrenic science of inflamed Islamist brains. I am recommending that non-Muslim brains (Black, White, All others) guide our next four years. The non-Black activist destructive males are sexually congested in their pelvic region (needing to have sex several times a day they tell me). Give Muslim young men a break and let them have sexually careful intimacy with trained women. No more Male Muslim Marital Rape Culture.

Take a breath... FYI: I've also been privileged to spend time with a highly respected Muslim doctor. He does not promote violent rape or insincere sex with virgins.

Too many movies and books have been written about mysterious behavior of Muslim men who make a child appear and then steal that child to go out of America. We simply need to ask the respected non-violent Muslim leaders to De-Certify their young men so they will be arrested for having sex with a virgin if not married. [Friends, as I type this I realize that there have been hundreds of years of scholarly "puzzlement" about Islam and rape of strangers.] I will close this addendum inviting you to search the Internet for videos about How to Beat Your Wife the proper Islamic way.

Wisdom Day 2020[Cancelled due to CoVid19 situation]  is now being planned for Wednesday March 18, a day prior to the four-day Psychotherapy Networker. Symposium 2020 [CLICK Here to visit their site.]